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We were very satisfied with the services of this hotel, we will recommend it to our friends, and hopefully next year we are going to stay here again. Agnes from Hungary

Autor: Agnes | Geschrieben: 17.03.2011

The room was clean and comfortable and the stuff was very nice and helpful.

Autor: Gross Richard | Geschrieben: 27.02.2011

I stayed at the hotel in February. We arrived early and was granted a free early check-in. The breakfast is very well served. The people who work there are very polite and courteous. The hotel has a great location.

Autor: Caroline Gonzalez | Geschrieben: 17.02.2011

Thanks to all the staff at the hotel! Coming to you is almost as coming home. My travelling maids were very pleased too. See you again soon.

Autor: Greta Ustad | Geschrieben: 17.02.2011

Great location, easy to find and best of all friendly helpful staff. Keep up the great service !

Autor: Anna Maria Rosenquist | Geschrieben: 10.02.2011

Old Prague Hotel

Skořepka 5
110 00 Praha 1, Staré Město
Tschechische Republik
+420 224 211 801
+420 602 308 345
+420 224 223 309

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